A New Normal

  • 62 cups of coffee
  • 88 crosswords
  • 1 cancelled holiday home
  • 2245 photos (not including those deleted)
  • 3 books (Alias Grace, Children of the Mind, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone )
  • 24.8 hours watching Star Wars
  • 8 Episodes of Tiger King
  • 2 Seasons of The 100 (Season 1&2), 1 Season of The Walking Dead (Season 1), 2 Seasons of One Tree Hill (Season 1&2), 1 Season of Teen Wolf (Season 3), 2.5 Season of Bones (currently watching)
  • 5h22m/day average iPhone screen time
  • 1 trip outside the house (a run)

30 Days in Quarantine.

Looking at it this way makes it feel a little bit more real because when I try to think back on the past month it feels like it could be both 4 days or 4 months. Time has seized to exist. I had to make myself a calendar to keep track of days. On the positive side – I’ve almost gotten my forearm stand & my crow has significantly improved which were my main lockdown goals. For this next *however long we’ll be in lockdown* I’m going to keep working on those goals but add some more reading in. I have no issue with my screen time or the amount of time I spend watching tv and movies, but I do have a reading list that gets longer by the day and I’d like to get through a few more books. I’ve just started Dune by Frank Herbert and I’ve also been reading through the “Forward Collection” which are short science fiction stories. I would also like to start doing some more yoga flows. I was doing about 5-6hrs a week before lockdown and now I can’t seem to sit on my mat for more than 20 minutes so I’d like to get back into it. Other than that I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself, the usual mental health rules still apply.

How are you doing?


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