My November Skincare Routine

If you’ve also followed my blog you’ll know that for the past year or so I’ve also been struggling with hormonal acne. With some ups and downs for the past year, its been both better and worse. Despite the general consensus that sticking to one routine is better for your skin, since starting my Instagram in January I’ve been really inconsistent with my routine. I am incredibly lucky to be sent products from time to time and this often means that every couple weeks or so I am testing new products. However, for the month of November, I’ve decided to stick completely to a set of products. So, without further ado, my November skincare routine:

Morning Routine

I’ve tried cleansing in the morning but my skin actually prefers when I don’t – so a splash of water and straight into my first product! For the mornings of November, I will be using an old favourite Glow Tonic from Pixi. It’s a glycolic acid toner that my skin seems to really like. Then we go straight into using the First Concentrate* by SKINCITY Skincare – this is a new product in my routine. This serum contains niacinamide, vitamin c, & vitamin B5, it also has glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and licorice root. I love having niacinamide in my routine, as it’s great for evening skin tone, reducing pore size and protecting your skin barrier. This serum specifically also has no fragrance or added colour!

Next comes moisturizer, and the one I am currently using is also from SKINCITY Skincare – the 24H Rich Emulsion*. This emulsion also has niacinamide, as well as ceramides, squalane, and green tea. I have both the light and rich emulsion from skincity skincare, but the rich version is definitely my favourite for my dry skin.

Then my last step is sunscreen – no matter the weather. For this month I will be using the Alumier MD Clear Shield sunscreen. Previously, I’ve used their sheer hydration sunscreen but when I picked up a new one from a spa in London I discovered that it had already been used and AlumierMD reached out and offered to replace it for me – and also suggested that I try Clear Shield instead. The Clear Shield sunscreen contains my favourite ingredient for this month (you guessed it) niacinamide and also hyaluronic acid.

Night Routine

The first step in my nighttime skincare is always a cleansing balm – I find them the most effective to break down sunscreen and makeup that I’ve put on during the day and preparing my face for my second cleanse. This month I’ll be using the Mellow Balm Cleanser *. This is new to me and already my second favourite cleansing balm (only after Green Clean by Farmacy). I LOVE that it comes in a tube and not a tub. The texture of this reminds me of (oddly specific sorry) the Ohii Vitamin C mask – a little bit sticky and thick to start off but then melts like a dream into your skin. It takes off all my makeup easily and leaves no leftover film feeling on my skin. I always use it on dry skin first and then finish off with water to rinse.

Next step in the Soft Foaming Cleanser *. I’m not usually a huge fan of foaming cleansers, as I have dry skin and find them a little stripping. However I don’t get that with this, it really is a soft foam and has a marshmallow-like texture. It leaves my skin clean, but not tight.

This next step happens maybe 2/3x a week – which is a mask. This month I’m focusing on three different masks – the Enzymatic Peel by Alumier MD which I’ve talked about before and has been a favourite of mine for about a year now, I use this once a week. I’ve also been using the Mediheal Tea Tree Blemish Control Sheet Masks* (Kindly gifted by Soko Glam). Tea tree is a favourite ingredient of mine to treat acne, but it is very drying so usually it would be something I avoid for an all-over treatment, however, this mask isn’t drying at all. It’s not only meant to help with breakouts but also to soothe redness. It’s easily the best fitting sheet mask I’ve ever tried and I don’t find it drying at all. Lastly, my favourite hydrating mask by Paulas Choice & Skincity UK – Super Hydrate Overnight Mask, which can also be used as a quick mask. I loved this in October as an overnight mask but as I’m trying out a new night cream I’ll be using this as a quick wash off mask. This mask has nordic cloudberry and reishi mushroom, and it’s so hydrating and soothing to my skin.

The next step in my routine (either after a mask or straight after cleansing) is the Eighteen B Firm + Replenish Serum*. Eighteen B is a new brand to me and I’ve been so impressed by them and their products. This serum contains ceramides, squalane, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and their b-silk protein. Its meant to help protect your skin barrier, and keep your skin hydrated and nourished. Then I follow up with the last step of my nighttime skincare; the Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream*. This is such a dreamy product, its so thick and feels so silky and pillowy on your skin. It is the perfect last step in my routine, as it sinks in easily and hydrates my skin without feeling heavy.

So that’s it: My November Skincare Routine! A pretty basic routine, but so far one my skin seems to be really loving. What are you using this month? Do you stick to one routine or switch it up?

*Items gifted, but all opinions 100% my own. I’d also like to say that the SKINCITY Skincare items were gifted as part of a paid ad I did for them on Instagram, however, I was not asked to include them in any blog posts and as I said my thoughts are always my own.


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