The Broke Nanny

I have big news! About a month and a half ago I decided to start a new Instagram page. I wanted a place to share the photos I take for my blog and new page a new one seemed like the perfect place. I decided to call it: The Broke Nanny. (or as my family and I lovingly joke about it: The Broken Anny!)

So today, I am sharing it with you! If you like my blog, I think you’ll like my Instagram. I’ve found myself a theme that I love and think I am really starting to develop my style of photography. If you fancy skincare and makeup, or are just looking for a little brightness and inspiration I would love for you to follow it! I’ve been having so much fun creating new content and focusing more on short & sweet captions and mini reviews. Sort of like a TL:DR version of my blog in most cases, plus some bonus content you won’t see here!

The Broke Nanny

You can check out more of my recent beauty content here! xx


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