Revisiting my 2018 Goals

At the beginning of the year, I set out and made a list of some of the things I wanted to improve upon. As we near the end of 2018 I figured I would revisit my 2018 Goals and see how I’ve done!

01. Sign Language

My first goal was improving my ASL. Which I’ve failed at… I had signed up for my next class and had great intentions for this one, but when my class was cancelled I kinda left it behind. Maybe this is one to revisit next year, I love ASL and I think it’s something worth investing my time in.

02. Mindfullness

My second goal was mindfulness. I think I did well with this one. This year I really got into yoga, which I think is so good for me! Either on an early summer morning or a cold winter night, it’s so nice to get my body on my mat and stretch out a little. Yoga helps me to focus on my breathing, access how my body is feeling physically, and slowing down my mind. I also notice a huge difference in my sleep (and night anxiety) when I do even as little as 5-10 minutes before bed.

03. Photography

My third goal was photography – and again I’ve stuck with this. I’ve always loved photography but at some point, it felt like a chore. It felt like I had to take photos of certain things, or in certain ways. Now mostly, I take self-portraits or styled photos (my favourites). I love learning more about different cameras and all the settings. Plus I also got Lightroom this year (thank you aunt Judy!!) and love messing around on post editing! It’s such a good skill to have and I think I’m getting better at it. These are a few posts with my favourite photos of the year!

04. Writing

The fourth skill I wanted to improve on was writing. This one is kinda a toss up. On one hand, I did keep writing lots of blog posts and I always do my best to make them good. But I’m still struggling with the “putting myself out there” bit of blogging which means I didn’t write as many personal or though pieces as I had intended. Something to work towards in 2019. You can find a few of my favourite posts below 🙂

05. Self Care

Lastly, was self-care! Although I did let it slip a handful of times it is vastly different than 2017. I started paying more attention to my moods and habits, and have cemented a good routine for myself. You can even check out part of my self-care routine here.

I think I’ve done well this year. I’ve worked towards my goals, and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. Heres to even more improvements in 2019!

“The journey, Not the destination matters…”

T.S. Elliot

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