My Holiday To-Do List

This Christmas my family is grieving, and this loss is making the holiday all feel a little pointless. But there are wonderful things about the holidays and things that I love and can put a smile on my face even if its hard. So I’ve made a holiday to-do list for myself. A list of things to help me feel the holiday spirit, even if just for an hour. These aren’t special, or all that unique, but maybe you’ll find something that will help you too.

01. Drink a hot chocolate. Ideally, covered in whip cream and peppermint chunks or mini marshmallows. (Alt: buy a hot chocolate, Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate is my fave!) 

02. Watch a Christmas movie. Pick your favourite holiday classic, turn on your string of Christmas lights and enjoy. The Grinch (the Jim Carrey version) is my favourite movie and never fails to make me laugh.

03. Read a Christmas themed book. I recently read “One Day in December” which is a cheesy romance novel, and I loved it! The story was easy to get into, but if romance isn’t your thing there are lots of other Christmasy books out there! 

04. Listen to Christmas music. There is every genre of Christmas music; country Christmas, pop Christmas, indie Christmas, you name it. Personally, I’ve had “A Very She & Him Christmas” on repeat for the past couple of days. 

05. Make Christmas cookies. Christmas baking is so fun, and delicious. Find a recipe and bake away! This year I’m hoping to make two of my favourites: shortbread cookies, and holly cookies. (Because the best part of baking is getting to eat them when you’re done.)

The holidays are not always a fun and festive time… Sometimes they are riddled with sadness. If you are hurting this holiday season remember that you are loved, and please reach out if you need help. xx 


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