Embracing Rejection in 2019

Recently, I read a blog post titled “Collecting 100 Rejections” and honestly, it kinda blew my mind. I can’t figure out why I had never heard of this before? If you, like me, had never heard of a “Rejection” challenge, then get ready to have your world flipped.

The whole concept of the challenge is to COLLECT REJECTIONS. So – reach out, apply, ask, and if you get rejected then record it, write it down, and keep it. You set yourself a goal rejection for the year and you have to try and get there. A goal to BE REJECTED?! Maybe this concept isn’t incredible to anyone other than me, but I find it so inspiring and liberating! And I’ve decided to embrace it! I, like most people, hate rejection. Its understandable – rejection isn’t fun, it doesn’t feel good. Its not an enjoyable experience to put yourself out there, on any playing field, and be turned down – but like the famous quote says:

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Robert Schuller

Reading about this challenge got me thinking – how many things would I apply or ask for if I didn’t fear rejection? This challenge, of collecting them, turns something that I find so terrible into a game (and I love winning games). Then, any loss, or rejection, is actually another success. It is another tick on my way to collect 100 rejections! I can’t wait to see what amazing opportunities come my way if I put myself out there and if I fail miserably, well – at least I have a good story.

Most people I see doing this challenge aim for about 100 rejections a year. I think that’s an insane number – and I’m going for it! That means, if I get rejected every time, I’ll need to apply or ask for 8-9 things every month. Who knows if I’ll reach 100 rejections, but the possibilities are endless! 

Here’s to rejection in 2019! Who’s with me? 


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