Hormonal Acne Series Part 1: Skincare

Welcome to a new series on my blog the hormonal acne series or #HAS. This is not a series I’ve ever wanted to make. However, since turning 21 (the turning point age in my family for acne as it seems) my acne has been in a downward spiral. Oh for the days when I had one big angry spot. Now its 10-12 deep painful cystic spots, a million smaller white and blackheads, and new scarring I have never had to deal with.

This series will document all the things I am trying from skincare to supplements to try and heal my body. I would also like to say that this is in no way my tips for dealing with acne or me giving advice. You should talk to a doctor, naturopath, or dermatologist (or all three) if you are struggling. This series is merely me chronicling what I hope to be my journey in healing my skin.

Cleanser and Mosturizor

I believe my acne is due in large part to my hormones being imbalanced. So no product I put on my face is going to solve what’s happening inside of my body. However, the products I was using topically were not doing anything to help my acne either, so I decided to visit a dermatologist.

I picked one who stocked Alumier MD (a skincare brand that specializes in acne products), as I’ve heard lots about it and they have a great range. Over the next couple of months, I’m hoping to switch my full routine to Alumier MD products but it is expensive so I’m doing it slowly. I am also going to do a series of peels over the next couple months and see how that helps as well. I would like to add a note that I am very aware that it is expensive and I am paying for all of it myself. However, I also know how much my skin affects my confidence and thus, its something that I don’t mind investing it.

I’ve been using these products for just over a month now. So I can give a little update on how they are working for me.

I’ve tried both the Clarifying Acne Cleanser and the Purifying Gel Cleanser and I like the latter better. I find it easier to use, and it is gentler as it has no salicylic acid. Plus I find it way easier to work into my skin, I felt like with the acne cleanser I had to use so much to get it to spread and cleanse. I think the purifying gel cleanser will be the one I repurchase. 

I bought a full size of the Acne Balancing Serum. And although I liked it I don’t know how well it actually worked for my skin. I’ve also completely run out of it in ~5 week, I did have to use 2 pumps / 2x a day (which is a lot!) but it feels like I ran out so fast. This is one I definitely need to talk about with my dermatologist and assess if it is or isn’t working for me. For the next week or so, until I see my dermatologist again, I am going to try out the Caudalie Vinopure Serum instead and see if it works for my skin.

I also tried a sample of the HydroSmooth moisturizer, which I did find to be a little too light hydration-wise for my skin when paired with the cleanser and serum. So I think at least for the winter I will be sticking to my holy grail Neem Cream. A couple of years ago when I was on a prescription acne medication my skin started to get really dry, to the point where it was peeling and very painful. My sister introduced me to Neem Cream. It’s my all-time favourite when my skin is dry or acting up. Its thick, a little smelly, and oh so hydrating. The one I always get is from Ferlow Botanicals.

Masks & Spot Treatments

I love the Origins Out of Trouble mask and use it at least once a week. It helps to get those pesky little spots and I find it helps calm my skin down. I also love that it isn’t drying at all, even if I am being lazy and leave it on for an hour. 

The other full-size product I purchased from Alumier MD was the Enzyme Peel. I use this about once a week and leave it on for 3-10 minutes. It does sting a little, but it doesn’t leave my skin feeling all hot and bothered. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and clean, and exfoliating is so important when you struggle with acne. 

A product not pictured that I would like to add is Glossier’s Zit Stick, which I loved more than I thought I would. Glossier’s skin care products and I haven’t always gotten along but this is a solid favourite. It doesn’t sting, it has no smell and its clear. Plus I find it does help to reduce the size of my cystic spots. 

Part two of this #HAS will be up soon, so stay tuned! It is going to be a detailed look into what I am eating and what supplements I’m taking to try and heal my skin from the inside. It will also feature some photos if you are interested in really seeing what my skin looks like – I wanted to make sure I had great quality “before” photos rather than the poor lighting/ low-quality ones I often see.

If you have any questions or suggestions let me know below!

** This post is not sponsored or in partnership with any brand. All opinions, as always, are 100% honest and my own.


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