Making Changes In Autumn

I dream of a minimalist life, of a life filled with the things I love and nothing more. This is what I am hoping to move into this autumn. This season is a period of transition and it is perfect to reorganize, reassess, and let go. I have taken a look at myself and my habits and have determined three areas I would like to make changes to in autumn. 

Sticking to a Routine

As autumn approaches and the days get shorter I have to be extra vigilant with sticking to my routines. Most of my routine is centred around keeping myself organized and on track, this is part of my self-care. My current routine works well; with my Sundays set aside for cleaning & laundry, and a 6-am alarm whether I work or not. For autumn, I would also love to add predetermined days for exercise and meal prep to my Sundays.

Skincare wise, I would love to minimize my routine to set day and night regimes filled with only what I need. I would also love to simplify my routine to one skincare brand. I am yet to determine what brand I will choose so if you have any brand suggestions please comment below!

A New Rule: One In – One Out

I have always been a highly organized person. I like things to have places and I like those things to be in them. I don’t like clutter and, as previously stated, I do best when I stick to a routine. However recently, with getting back into blogging I’ve found myself in a little bit of a spiral (as you can see by any of my hauls). With so many new product releases and the world of “PR Unboxing”, I have found myself spending more than I ever have on products I do not truly need. Don’t get me wrong, I love trying new products and have found so many as a result of this, but I also spend far too much money on them.

One in one out is a basic concept. When something new comes in, something old must leave. This applies to clothes, skincare, makeup, etc… Obviously, there are exceptions to this rule, but I love the concept of it. Instead of hoarding products, one in one out requires you to assess the things you have and pick what you want. It also adds an extra step to purchasing things, as you must decide before checking out if what you are buying is truly worth getting rid of another item when you get home. Whether it be clothes, makeup, or even homeware this rule is perfect to keep you declutter-ed.

Budget, Budget, Budget. 

I hate budgeting – I always have. However, I currently live with very little costs and no debt. In addition to my treat-yourself mentality, I am spending a lot more than I would like on things I don’t find joy in.

With budgeting, I think it is important to first determine your priorities. Figure out what you want to be spending your money on and make sure what you are purchasing is in line with your values. For example, if you are spending all your money on take-out but you value quality time with friends, your money may be better spent on dinners with friends and in return, you cook when you are at home. My priorities are things like self-care, quality time with friends and family, and travel. This means I need to budget for meals out with friends, gas money for day trips, and sheet masks.

With a new season coming in, especially one that is so visibly about letting things go, it is just the motivation you will need to make those little changes you have been hoping to make. So, what are you hoping to change for autumn? 


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