My Holiday Hydration Heroes

I am currently writing to you from the very beautiful, very hot & humid state of Texas where I am currently on vacation. With all the sweating, all the salt water, and all the air conditioning, my skin has been needing a little extra TLC. So I am going to be sharing with you my holiday hydration heroes! 

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm

I’m not going to go into it in detail (spoiler! I have a post dedicated to it coming soon), but this product is so fabulous for a first cleanse. Leaving your skin feeling so clean without stripping your skin.

Glossier Milk Jelly Cleanser

An old love rediscovered. This used to be my one and only, but then I got more into skincare and started branching out into other cleansers. However, with my skin having a bit of a flare up in the last couple of months, I have resorted to what I know will get my skin clean gently. If you want to see more about my thoughts on this cleanser you can see them in my post here.

Kristin Ess Air Dry Creme

This is a new product for me. I bought it while on holiday because I hate having to blow dry my hair when its already 60000 degrees out. A dime size portion of this product run through my whole head tames all the frizz and makes my hair a lot smoother when it dries.

Caudalie Moisture Sorbet

I got this in my Caudalie favourites set, tried it once and set it aside. But after seeing it in a couple other bloggers posts recently I decided to bring it with me on vacation. My favourite thing about this product is the smell, but I also love the texture of it. It is a sorbet and that’s exactly what it feels like. So light but so hydrating which is exactly what I want in this hot weather.

Olaplex No. 3

I’ve wanted this forever but I could never buy it in person so while I was shopping here in Texas I picked this up! Olaplex No. 3 is a treatment that builds bonds in your hair and helps to strengthen it. For hair like mine, that has been bleached and pretty much stripped of everything healthy this is such a gift. I only wish the bottle was bigger.

Soap & Glory Flake Away

I had never tried anything from Soap & Glory but I always saw UK bloggers talk about it. I’ve started using fake tan and needed a good exfoliator to get my dead skin off. Someone I follow mentioned this and I decided to check it out. This product is so luxurious and I love using it. It smells really nice and it gets my skin soft and smooth without being as harsh on my skin as my sugar/coconut oil mix was.

Milk Makeup Hero Salve

I don’t think Milk sells this product anymore. But this is one of those products I tend to only use in summer anyway. I am almost always wearing lip chap but in the heat of summer, a thick layer of Burt’s bees can sometimes feel like a little too much. This product is the perfect compromise, it goes on so smooth and melts into your lips. It greats a glossy feel and look on your lips while keeping them more hydrated than an actual gloss would. 

Those are my holiday hydration heroes! What are yours? 


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