Clean at Sephora Beauty Favorites

Clean at Sephora Beauty Favorites

I know that I literally just bought a sample sized kit of natural beauty favourites to try, but I did it again. I walked into Sephora, it was the first thing I saw, and I bought it. As previously stated, I love trying new natural beauty products. So when Clean at Sephora was launched I was so excited! I thought this Clean Beauty set would be perfect to try some of the brands and products that have clean beauty.

In Canada, this set comes with 8 products but in the US it comes with 11 so if you have the chance definitely purchase it in the US!  The products I got with my set are the Herbivore Pink Cloud, YTTP Serum, Farmacy Cleansing Balm, Kopari Coconut Melt, Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Hair Mask, Tata Harper Regenerating Moisturizer & REN Rescue Face Mask.

First Thoughts

I have the pink cloud moisture cream in the full size, and I will be doing a full review on it, but so far it hasn’t broken me out and it smells amazing which are always huge pluses in my book.

The Briogeo hair mask wasn’t anything too special to me, I didn’t mind it but I have some other hair masks I love more and will be sticking to. I won’t be purchasing it in the full size.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about cleansing balms but I had never actually tried one – so far I really love this. It really feels like it cleans my skin but its so gentle and melts into my skin so nicely. As long as it doesn’t break me out I think this will be a product I buy in full size.

The last product I’ve tried so far is one that I’m a little hesitant to mention. You see, I made a mistake. I tried two different NEW masks in two days and my skin had a MELTDOWN. Like I haven’t had my skin be that angry at me in a really long time. This REN mask happened to be one of the two and I think it might have been the culprit. Truthfully I will not be trying it again, I did love how luxurious it felt on my skin while it was on but I will not risk a skin freakout like that again.

The rest I’ve yet to try! As I’ve stated before I try to transition things into my routine slowly because when I don’t my skin tends to freak out and I like to see how my skin reacts to a new product without trying to guess which one of a bunch of new ones it might have been. I’m really excited to try the YTTP serum because I loved the other YTTP products I’ve tried, and I’m excited about the biossance moisturizer – because love the idea of putting probiotics on my face!


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