Spring Beauty Haul

Spring Beauty Haul

I picked up some new products for spring over the last couple months and thought I would do a (not so) little spring beauty haul. Some of these are products that I’ve repurchased, and some are ones that I’ve finally ticked off my wishlist. If you want to know my first thoughts on these products, and what ones I’ll be repurchasing, keep reading!

Skincare Products

My skincare routine for the spring/summer is pretty much set now. I like to find a good routine and stick with it and I think I’ve almost found the perfect one for me.

My first buy for spring was the Caudalie Beauty Exlier which I bought in the Caudalie Favourites Set. I swore I wasn’t going to re-purchase this, but I finished up my last bottle and had to go get another. I figured this set was a good way to try out some of Caudalie’s other products as well (but really I’m just a sucker for minis!). I’ve set two of the products aside to try a little later (micellar water & vinosource sorbet), but I have been loving using the eye cream and detox mask! I think the detox mask will definitely be my next repurchase, although I’d also love to try their glycolic peel which I’ve heard good things about.

I also picked up the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate oil when my skin was having a moment during the winter to spring weather transition. It was definitely a splurge, but I love it. It has a beautiful lavender smell that I find very relaxing and it really hydrates my skin.

One of the things I wanted to start doing more this year was masking. I love how luxurious they always make me feel and these ones I picked up from Garnier are perfect! I love sheet masks because that I don’t have to go wash the mask off my face – I can just take off the sheet, massage the leftover into my skin and pop my moisturizer on top! My favourite is the Garnier Glow Mask, with the Anti-Fatigue Mask coming in a close second (use the anti-fatigue mask at night, its got lavender and will make you sleepy).

Hair Products

A longtime love of mine is Batiste Dry Shampoo. I only wash my hair twice a week so sometimes it needs a little refresh on day 3 or 4. This dry shampoo is the one that has consistently worked the best for me over the years, and I’ve used and tried almost every scent they have! My favourite scent, unfortunately, was a limited edition one (Batiste stop doing that!) so I’ve been trying some of the others to find a new fav. The packaging drew me to this scent (a true millennial) and I’m really enjoying it right now! It is quite strong though, so if you can’t have scents at your work or you are allergic to fragrances I wouldn’t recommend it. As most of my hair routine is vegan/cruelty free (and this product is not), I am hoping to pick up the new Verb dry shampoo to try!

Makeup Products

Mascara is my number one makeup product, and since my all time favourite one was discontinued I’ve been looking for one to replace it. Although I don’t think that Revlon All-In-One will fill the shoes of Maybelline full n’ soft, it is a nice mascara. Its got a little tiny plastic wand which is really good for getting right in the corner of your eyes and doing the bottom lashes.

This is a product you’ve heard me talk about wanting before and I finally got my hands on it! The Charlotte Tilbury Highlight Wand is officially mine! I’m sure you’ve already heard a million reviews about it as its a cult-fave, but I love it! I’m all about glowy skin and this will definitely be in my summer favourites!

Lastly is a brow product. My brows and I have a tricky relationship. I don’t really care about them, and they just do whatever they want no matter what. About round every 6 months or so, I get tired of trying to pluck them and I book an appointment with my brow girl. This time I asked her what the easiest and fastest product to make my brows look nice and she said Benefit Gimme Brow. It’s got a tiny wand that you run through your brows and gives a little colour and keeps them in place, very similar to boy brow by Glossier. This product is more expensive than boy brow, but as it’s stocked at Sephora it was easier to get my hands on.

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So that is what I’ve picked up for spring! I am still on the lookout for a good mascara so let me know in the comments any you would recommend! You can check out more of my beauty/haul posts here!


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  1. Lisa Autumn
    June 4, 2018 / 9:59 am

    Oh Girl I love the CT highlight wand.. such a staple in my collection!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com

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