My Bedside Table

My Bedside Table

Does anyone else ever get a picture in their head of how they should rearrange their furniture and then become completely unable to do anything else until they do just that? No, just me? Okay. Well, a couple weeks ago, when I should have been doing something else (typical), I got this brilliant idea in my head of how I wanted to rearrange and style this part of my room. After a few hours and some heavy lifting, I was finally happy with it!

I spend 90% of my time at home in this corner. Whether it’s sleeping, watching Netflix/Youtube, or blogging, I am always in my bed. This most recent change has made this area so much cozier and makes me feel so much happier in this space. I love it so much that I made every single person in my family come downstairs and look at it, and now I am sharing it with you!

A couple months ago I had a dream about how I could use this shoe rack in my room, but then I woke up and forgot the idea. I did still remember the part about the shoe rack, so I dragged it out of our garage and moved it into my room where it stayed in the corner collecting dust. I then realized that I should use it as a little bedside table, and its perfect!

The light colour of the wood makes my space feel brighter, and the open shelving allows me to use my various baskets on the bottom shelves while showing off my favourite decorative items on the upper. My gold lamp looks so much nicer paired with this natural wood, and this new book I picked up (the title drew me to it) is the perfect decorative piece to showcase my Diptique candle!

I love how it’s turned out! I just need to pick up some nicer (matching) baskets for the bottom two shelves, and some fresh blooms to finish it off! This space has made me so inspired for the rest of my room, and hopefully, I’ll just need a few more pieces to really make this whole space look put together! I’ve made a little wishlist/inspo board of some more things I’d love for my room and that will be up next week! You’ll find it and more of my interior posts here!



  1. March 11, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    Love the changes you’ve made! Your bedside table looks gorgeous and I like how it’s not too cluttered. The gold lamp is such a nice touch!

    • whitney
      March 15, 2018 / 10:45 am

      Thanks! Xx

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