March Goals

March Goals

It has been a while since I updated you on my goals! Back in the fall, I did an October Goals post and now, five months later, I am going let you know which goals I accomplished, which goals I’ll be extending, and which goals I’m leaving behind. Here are my March Goals!

01. Reading

Back in October, one of my main goals was to start reading more. My goal was to read one fiction and one non-fiction book per month. This was a goal that I stuck with throughout the last 5 months. For March, and the upcoming spring/summer months, I would like to challenge myself to read two fiction and two non-fiction books per month! I have quite a long fiction book list, but not as long non-fiction book list so if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

02. Blogging

My goal for the fall was to start blogging again, and I’ve stuck with it! The goal was one post per week and I have accomplished this goal (minus one week due to one very sad puppy with a broken foot)! For the next couple months, I’d like to start blogging 5x per month minimum! I think this is a realistic goal for me, and as blogging is something I love I would like to challenge myself to devote even more time to it.

03. Social Media

The goal was initially to post to Instagram twice a week, and this failed epically. For the next couple months, I’d like to change this goal to a more realistic one for me, which is posting 1 time per week. I may post more than this some weeks, but 1 per week is more realistic for me.

Another new goal is that I would like to post at least one time a day, four days a week on insta stories. So if you’d like to see this content make sure to follow me on my instagram @TheWanderingWhitney. I’d like to also start using twitter more, tweeting at least 1x every day.

04. Fitness

My goal was to work back up to a 10k, but this wasn’t a well thought out goal for me – at least not for the winter. Although this goal was left in October, I would like to try and accomplish it this spring. Hopefully, the weather will get back to the positives soon so I can start training because I have a 10km run set in my mind that I would like to complete in a couple months!

05. TedTalks/Podcasts

I love TedTalks, and I found this the easiest of all my fall goals to keep. I think it was so lovely to get to learn some new things and hear some different opinions. I will be keeping up with this new habit!

Another goal I would like to add to my list is to listen to one podcast a week. I’ve been listening to a few different ones over the last couple weeks and I really enjoy them!

06. Social

Guys, winter is hard, and when making this goal I don’t know if I really thought it through. This being said, although I haven’t documented this goal like I said I would, I do think that I’ve been making progress getting out of my comfort zone! I’ve made a few nanny friends, and I even went to a couple mixer events al by myself! This is a goal I will be leaving this goal behind, as I think that I am happy currently with my level of social interaction, and I don’t like the pressure this goal put on me.

Those are my goals for this spring! Let me know some of yours below!



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