January Beauty Haul

January Beauty Haul

Today I’m going to be showing you my beauty haul from January. Back in December, I decided that I was going to do a No-Spend-January, and I completely failed on the second day of January after spending $20 (sigh) on pilates socks for a free class I tried. After that, I gave up, and decided to purchase some of the things I had been wanting for quite a while instead! I knocked 3 things off my long time wishlist, repurchased 2 products I love, and bought 1 new cult beauty product! To the best of my knowledge, all of these products are cruelty-free and all but two (lipstick & candle) are vegan. I only bought 6 beauty products this month so its a small beauty haul, but some of them were pretty pricey so here we go!

Luxury Beauty

Both of these products were stupid expensive. These are probably the most expensive things (for their size) I have ever bought! However, I am also completely in love with them.

First up is this Diptyque Ambre candle. If you follow any beauty blog/instagrams you’ll definitely have seen these candles before. They are so dreamy and super luxurious. Fun fact about me: if someone tells me not to do something 1000x more. Anyone else like this? So, I know that candles are really awful for you, and I also cannot burn them anyways because they give me headaches. But this candle is so beautiful to look at and its super strong smelling so I can still smell it even when it’s not burning! Plus it cost $44 so I would never burn it anyways. I love to just go over and smell it and just stare at the beautiful packaging.

The second thing in this category is this Caudalie beauty elixir. This summer I became super obsessed with sprays? I bought a couple that were just okay and I don’t think they actually *did* anything, but this one was always the lux one I dreamed of buying. Another fun fact about me: I am super obsessed with anything miniature, and the small sample sized by the checkout of Sephora is my favourite part of the entire store. So when I saw this little beauty on my way to check out I grabbed it and well, I love it. It smells super strongly of essential oils (as everything in my life tends too…), but it feels super cooling and honestly I just really love to spray my face with stuff so here we are.

Cult Beauty 

I swear every blogger I follow talks non-stop about Charlotte Tilbury, and I have wanted one of their lipsticks for so long. However, I have super weird colouring and I’ve heard not to trust the colour swatches on their website, so I have always been too afraid to just buy one and hope for the best. But! I finally got myself into a physical Charlotte Tilbury store and got to try on a couple lipsticks. Bitch Perfect ended up being the one I liked the most, and the one I purchased (I would have also bought Pillow Talk, but they were sold out – shocking I know). Its a really beautiful nude colour and it goes on easily if you are a beauty novice like me. I also wanted to get the highlight stick but it was sold out, so that will stay on my wishlist.

The second product is Solution. This is Glossier’s newest product and it’s marketed towards people with acne. Its an acid exfoliator with AHA, BHA, PHA and Salicylic Acid, and I’m not going to pretend I know what that means, but I figured I’d give it a try! The jury is still out on whether I will like this or not, and it already has TONS of mixed reviews. So far, I already dislike that it has fragrance in it (no idea why because it just smells like chemicals), but we will see how my skin responds to it and I’ll formulate my opinion then! Side note: I bought this on a Friday and it arrived on Monday so not sure how that happened, but thank you for once to the Canadian Postal service.

Repurchased Beauty

Both of these product were repurchases and additionally favourites and stables in my “beauty” routine.

Firstly, let’s talk about Glossier Milk Jelly. I bought this cleanser a couple months ago because it seemed really simple and it is.  This is a super basic cleanser (in every sense); it does the job, doesn’t break me out, and I actually use it. Its got a nice jelly feel to it (see what they did there), and I use one pump in the morning, and one (and a half if I’m wearing makeup) at night to wash my fash. There’s not much else to say about it – I’ve hopped on the Glossier train and don’t plan on getting off anytime soon.

Last but not least is Ultra Repair Cream by First Aid Beauty. Winter in Canada is super harsh on your skin and this year my skin completely freaked out. The cold outside, and often super hot dry inside was making my skin get these weird itchy bumps and it just felt so dry. I had been using different day and night moisturizers but I was finding my day cream too light and my night cream too heavy. So, I popped into Sephora and the lady recommended this. I had actually run out of my first bottle and started using a different moisturizer I had and it made me break out, so I went back and repurchased this. This is also a pretty basic product, but it feels light, keeps my skin hydrated (oh la la am I a beauty blogger now?), and doesn’t break me out.

So, those are the products I’ve bought recently! What products have you bought in last month?

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