My Fall Playlist

In case you haven’t gotten tired of me saying it a thousand times and somehow didn’t remember, autumn is my favourite season! I may be a summer baby but I don’t like summer. I hate being hot, I don’t like the beach, and I burn if I am in the sun for even a few minutes without sunscreen (which I also hate). Fall is the perfect season for me, as cooler weather means I can live in my jeans, sweaters, and boots! My favourite thing to do in autumn is to grab a coffee, go to the park, put in my headphones, and just walk around. I thought it would be fun to quickly share with you what I’ve been listening to lately!


Billie Marten // Writing of Blues and Yellows 

This entire album is my favourite, and it’s not often that I find an album where I love every single song. It is pretty much the musical embodiment of curling up under a warm blanket with a tea and watching the rain. My favourite song on the album is Milk & Honey (alt version).

Ben Howard // *Old Pine E.P  & The Burgh Island E.P 

These are both longtime loves for me. I have been listening to them since high school and every autumn I find myself coming back to them and falling in love all over again.  My favourite song from both these is To Be Alone.

Old Pine – I would say this album musically is more of a light feeling one. It’s a very classic Ben Howard acoustic album, perfect for warm sunny fall days.

The Burgh Island – This album is much different than the first one. It is a definitely darker feeling compared to most of Ben Howard’s music. This is more of a rainy day album.


Siv Jakobsen // Not Alone 

Billie Eilish // Ocean Eyes 

Harry Style // Two Ghosts 

Billie Eilish //  Six Feet Under

Tom Odell // Another Love

Oh Wonder // Shark

*Disclaimer: Trigger warning for the song Follaton Woods, as it does talk about suicide. There is also swearing in some of these songs.


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