It took seven months but I FINALLY finished all of my blog posts for our three-week trip! Honestly, thinking about this blog I wasn’t sure what to do. As I am not travelling anymore (not for a bit at least), I have had it private while finishing up the other blog posts. BUT – I have decided to keep it up. I probably won’t be posting regularly, but as you can see if you follow me on instagram (@thewanderingwhitney) I have been making an effort to keep taking photos.
I also figured it was time for a little life update. Last time I posted on this blog I was in Europe, and it feels like forever ago.
Now, I am in university. It’s busy, it’s stressful, but it’s where I am right now. Most days I spend running to and from classes, and sitting in cafe’s drinking far too much coffee and studying. Thankfully, I actually really enjoy some of what I am learning. This semester, my favourite class is my Intro to Mental Health and Illness class. My prof is great and I love what we are learning. Coming in a close second is my Intro Psych class. Unfortunately, my least favourite class is also the introductory class for what I hope to major in. They re-vamped the class this year and I really hate what they are now teaching and how they have structured it.
Once again, I was asked “why?” before I moved to this city, and told by many that I would hate it at first.
Thankfully, once again, I don’t.
So here I am, sitting in my own apartment, finishing up my first semester of university, wondering how time has gone this fast.


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