Oh Roma! I know I am extremely biased to absolutely everything Italy, but Rome was really fun!
We didn’t have anything big planned, so pretty much we just hung around and saw the things we wanted to. 
As always, I had a list of foods I wanted to try, the first being spaghetti alla carbonara! It wasn’t my favourite pasta dish BUT WHEN IN ROME (I’m laughing hysterically to myself, because thats probably the only time I’ll be able to actually say that and mean it).
Another food was fiori di Zucca, which is the flowers of zucchini stuffed with cheese and deep fried in batter. 
We also had the most incredible gelato in Rome! I’m serious, it was top 3. We were walking to our hotel and got a little lost, and I saw all these Italians walking around with gelato (my #1 tip for Italy is if you see a bunch of Italians eating gelato from a random gelateria you need to get it too) so we got some and it was seriously incredible. 
We got to see the colosseum, the pantheon, the trevi fountain and a few other things I cannot remember the names of. AND I only got us lost a couple times! 
We got to meet a lot of really nice people in Rome too – including the man in the picture above. When we asked him and his friends to take a picture of us he decided to jump in (and we in turn jumped into some of their photos). 


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