Switzerland was beautiful, and expensive. So incredibly expensive.
So expensive that after realizing the price we had just paid for a tiny lunch that neither of us even liked, we had popcorn and prosciutto from the grocery store for dinner….haha
The next day definitely went a lot better, and before we knew it we were on a cable car heading up into the Swiss alps; Mount Rigi to be specific, a 1,789m tall mountain. It was stunning, and the view was breathtaking! All the alps are snow capped and everywhere you turn it looks like a postcard!
After finishing up a lovely lunch at the top of Mount Rigi and hiking down the mountain a bit, we were off to catch our ferry.
We got to take the trip from the bottom of Mount Rigi all the way over to the picturesque town of Lucerne.
Lucerne was a fun little town to tour. We got to cross all the bridges across the lake, eat pastries from one of the little bakeries, and tour  all the chocolate and watch shops we wanted!
Once we were back in Zurich we decided to find somewhere reasonably priced to have dinner. I had said the day before that I was craving vegetables, my host family in Italy ate very healthy, so vegetables and fruits were a staple at every one of my meals, and not really having any fruits or vegetables since leaving Italy was making me really want something super healthy! We ended up finding this quaint little restaurant where we ordered a couple dishes of roasted fruits and vegetables, which was delicious and hit the spot!


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