Our day in Germany was a rainy one, but it just made the medieval feeling city of Munich that much more beautiful.
Mum and I didn’t know much about Munich or what to do there despite booking a day there, so we looked up food to eat (shocker) and what to see and set out looking for the market.
After getting a bit lost looking at all the huge old buildings we found the market, we toured it while snacking on apfel (apple) chips, pretzels, and of all things, chocolate covered grapes.
We then went looking for Cafe Frischhut, which sells Schmalznudeln (aka. the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten). Think upscale funnel cake on CRACK; fresh out of the deep frier, COATED in sugar, and so soft that it just melts in your mouth. It was everything I didn’t even know I needed, this is a MUST have if you are ever in Munich. We, (I), quickly polished off the first one and we promptly went back for a second, where we were met with small laughs and another fresh schmalznudel.
After we finished touring around the main shopping area and got (yet another) bratwurst, we wandered some more into the city, finding more beautiful architecture and a gorgeous park. We sat some more staring at the beauty that is Germany and snacked on some more apple chips.
Both nights we went to the same place for dinner, a loud sports bar full of old German men toasting and cheering their favourite teams. The first night, I decided to go for a classic; bratwurst, potato salad, a beer (german obviously), and apple strudel. I decided that night to ask the waiter (who spoke a little English) what the difference was between red and white bratwurst, as we had no internet and I had no clue, my question was met with this answer; “One is red, and one is white”.
Sidenote: red is better.


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