The first place we went in Italy was Genova (or Genoa).
We didn’t really look into what to do in Genova, but after a lovely chat with our hotel clerk we were off! We got to tour around the oldest part of town and see all the gorgeous buildings and courtyards.
After a quick breakfast, and a purchasing of an umbrella we continued looking around, and while we were wandering we also stopped in the oldest candy shop in Italy and try some of the treats!
We then took an elevator to this platform where you could look over all of Genova! The best part was that there was nobody else up there. It was incredible to be able to walk around up there and get to see the mountains and the ocean all in one place back and forth.
We then went to the port and walked down to the water, sadly it was a too little foggy to really get a good view of the coast, but we did get to walk alongside all the yachts!

Then we went back to try and find the restaurant we had looked for the night before. Genova is the birthplace of pesto, and I had found a restaurant that is considered to have some of the best! So when we had gone to look for it and found it closed (despite google telling me it was open) I was very disappointed. BUT! Alas, on our second attempt at going it was open, and oh boy! it was busy! Luckily, we got in just before the lunch rush but even that meant waiting 15 minutes for open seats. We were (very obviously) the only tourists in the place, but we sat down and ordered homemade pasta with fresh pesto, and a sample plate (we still have no idea exactly what everything was) to split. It was amazing, easily some of the best food I’ve had in Italy. Everything was so fresh and I was very happy that we had made the second trip to see if it was open!
After lunch we set off to find the next place on my food list! La Cremeria delle Erbe. After living in Italy for more than seven months I have had some amazing ice cream (aka. gelato). But boy oh boy was this stuff good! I stuck with my classic flavours; fragola and stracciatella. The strawberry was made with fresh strawberries and the stracciatella had extra chocolate poured on top after it was scooped! This definitely made my top 3 list of most incredible ice creameries in Italy.


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