The beautiful arrival into rainy Ireland! 
Wicklow Mountains  
Lough Tay – “Guinness Lake”
Fake candids – Thanks Momma 
Dublin sunsets
The famous Temple Bar!
My “perfect” pint, and the beautiful Dublin behind me!
Guinness fries (which were incredible!) and cheesy covered cauliflower 
Who doesn’t get ice cream at 9am after having a full Irish breakfast?

Ireland was one of our FAVOURITE places! It was on my “must-see” list, and so I dragged mum with me! We both ended up loving it!
For me, Ireland was all about the food, so here is some of the things we tried that were on my list:
– Boxty (an Irish potato pancake dish)
– Guinness stew (my favourite!)
– Bangers and mash
– Mushy peas
– Full Irish Breakfast (yes I tried the black & white pudding… I didn’t hate it…)
– Fish & Chips
– Ice Cream

The first thing we did was an amazing walking tour that Mum booked. It was raining (if it wasn’t raining when you went to Ireland did you really go?), and we walked all around the city trying out amazing foods while learning about Dublin’s history. The next day we went on a tour to the Wicklow Mountains. The Ireland countryside is so beautiful and we were lucky that the weather was sunny and warm while we hiked all around!
That night I dragged my poor tired mother out to Temple Bar – which I had thought was literally just a bar I had seen on pinterest (although it also is the most beautiful bar), but is actually an gorgeous area in Dublin. We walked around, took tons of photos, got drinks and watched Irish dancing!
We also made it to the Guiness museum, which I think I enjoyed more than Mum did! We got to learn how to properly drink Guinness, I got to learn how to poor the “perfect” pint and then we got to view all of Dublin from their top floor bar! We also decided to sit down in their restaurant for some food – which was really delicious.
The next morning we headed back into Temple Bar (my favourite part of town!), and I got a full irish breakfast…. and then we got ice cream, because Mum is the best. It was INCREDIBLE (and this is coming from someone who was eating the most delicious gelato for eight months!).
We were sad to leave, but we both plan on going back!


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