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Bikes and bikers everywhere you look
The view we had of the sunset while eating churros and ice cream


The sunrise on our way to (missing) our bus
Mayo on chips as the go to?! Sign me up.

Amsterdam was my second must-see stop, and it was everything I wanted and more.

Mum, again, booked a fantastic food-walking tour (if you need someone to plan a vacation she is super good at it!).

We got to walk all through the different parts of the city eating delicious dutch food! We tried apple strudel at café Papeneilan (which has been open since 1642 and has an underground tunnel in its basement!), Bitterballen (which are deep fried deliciousness), poffertjes (essentially tiny pancakes), soused herring (wouldn’t recommend…), Kibbeling (which I would recommend), Sate (which is an Indonesian food which is super big in Dutch culture), Stroopwafels, patat (Dutch french fries), edam (cheese!!!), more cheese, Hagelslag (which is a childhood favourite of mine), and more!! Like I said, I travel for food…

We also got to go on this amazing boat and tour the canals, it was super old and was so much fun to get to see the city from a different perspective!

Our second day we went on this really fun tour out of the city – we got to see all these really old windmills and even got to go inside one of them! Then we went to this little town, walked around it and went cheese and wine tasting (always make friends with the person giving out the samples, I swear I ate my weight in fancy dutch cheese!). Then we took a ferry to this town where we had lunch and went to a place that makes klompen (clogs)! We got to see the girl make a pair and then try on pairs.

With our last time in the city we just walked around looking through really cool dutch shops and eating more amazing dutch foods. I will absolutely be going back!



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